Thank you for your kind words. I hope you continue what you are doing. I love to see you grow bigger and bigger.

Zahra Khayoun, 31/12/17

I'd definitely notice if you stopped writing... I love your relationship/feeling pieces as I believe everyone can relate to them.

Vanessa John-Baptiste, 17/03/17

I just wanted to let you know your writing is beyond amazing. I cannot explain how many times you've posted your work and I've sat in awe for days going back and re-reading the same piece every couple of hours throughout the day. Especially when the silence fills you at night because my minds blown at how your words replicate my exact thoughts and feelings. Keep doing what you're doing.

Nadira Khan, 20/04/17

Everything you write is relatable and comforting to so many people.

Intisar Abdul Nabi, 05/10/17

I just came across your page and I just want to say it's appreciated how you open your heart... thank you for your encouragement and for being inspiring. I'm not even feeling too well at the moment and this has just put a smile on my face...please keep doing what you're doing because you don't know how your words are a blanket of comfort for others.

Nellie Tandoh, 09/12/17

I just wanted to say I am a hugeee fan of your page. You're doing an amazing job.

Hafsa Anwar, 11/10/17

Your words are always so beautiful and perfect... you have a real talent.

Kafia Noor, 22/03/17

You have to keep writing... I thought I would just let you know how much I love reading your work.

Jamila Tabrez, 28/07/17

When I first came across your blog in February 2016, right before Valentines day, I was 19 and depressed. I had struggled with it for years and never really talked about it, and I like to believe that your blog post 'Patience' and 'Faith' put me in the right direction to self love. I used to compare myself so much and reading your blog among other books/blogs helped me so much to get out of that dark place... until this day when I'm being haunted by those feelings I go back to your blog and re-read it... you make me feel like truly there's nothing wrong with being the one who always gives more than what I get back and that there are other girls like me that go through the same struggle. And for that, I'll always be thankful and I thought I should let  you know. 

Anonymous, 10/10/17

Your writing is beautiful and honest, I love it.

Ifrah Mohamed, 09/07/17

Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how much it means to me that a stranger can reach out and comfort me... thank you so so much for your kind words. It means the world to me.

Catherine Diaz, 10/10/17

Love Love LOVE your account - one of my favs!

Laila Swann (lailaloves), 04/10/17

Right now is the time to keep writing. Never stop writing... maybe you wrote for another generation. Maybe somewhere in the future someone will skim the internet and stumble upon your work and he or she will love it and it will change their world. Writing is eternal. The moment you set it free into the world, it's no longer yours. The words will find their place and time. 

Rachad Debdoubi, 17/03/17

You are soooo talented. Never stop.

Shania Keramati, 04/10/17

You should write a book.

Husam Al-Deen, 01/01/18

Hey girl, loving the writing. Keep it up.

Nisha Jaichand, 14/09/17

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