Dear reader,


I created Analyzzethis with the intention of burning a fire within my twin flame. I created Analyzzethis to reflect how seriously I believe in my twin flame and his existence. For some, my writing is 'depressing' for want of a better word, but if loving someone, investing in them, committing your entire being to them and then suddenly losing them is depressing, then that I am. But let me ask you this - if you lost your two eyes, would you, too, not be depressed? That's what happens when you lose sight of your love; you see nothing else. It was my sister who was sparked the fire in me to begin writing. She said, "I don't like reading, but I would read your book." There was something about what she said to me that was so simple but powerful enough to encourage me to share a piece of myself with you. Love is something I am. Love is something I always aspire to be. I love writing, I love love and I'd love to help bring your love to life with my words, if you let me. Today, on the 11th January at 11:11pm my first ever website went live and I hope that you love all that's to come from it.


Yours truly,



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